A Newly Constructed House

While visiting to a town I meet a cloth merchant

who had

 export/import business in town

He has purchased a plot of land in forest area

near bank of a river for his settlement

The moderate dense forest has thick with

pine oak, deodar, maple and chestnut

He has constructed a wooden bungalow

which was surrounded by beautiful trees

His garden is a home over fifty types of birds

including song birds who give  him amusement

Their son who was in a foreign country for

his business purpose, arrived few days ago.

Before entering into bungalow, cloth merchant

has conduct the house-warming ceremony

It seems Vastu Sastra indicated that unholy

vibration might have resided in vacant spaces

The priest advised cloth merchant to celebrate

the house warming ceremony on akshya-trithiya

Cloth merchant who visited several places was

familiar with people as they mate each other

He invited people to attend house-warming

ceremony that will be held at a constructed house.

His wife who loves her husband is very happy

and thankful to God for giving her everything.

~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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