When I Crackle With Joy

I am evermore smitten by the morning ray

whether fluttering or at rest

I chuckle a bit

crackle with joy

this sheer magic impels me to ruminate

and I set out to yoke the gulf

between the present and yesterday


Having traversed miles in the mad race

my soul gasps for fresh breath

I lurch to one side

when it comes to my favorite destination

my village of yore

far-flung things become familiar

my muddled brain and tired limbs

feel relaxed

as I engage in a serene conversation with self


My noisy years ring in ear

to distract attention

I falter a bit but put my shards together

to silence fracas

remain forever with newborn hope


When creasing forehead takes baby steps

to travel to a perplexed frown

wearing contours of a wretch

I beseech a serene blessed mood

earthy flavors and gentle breeze

soaked in native  essence

eagerly pander

a brief pledge of love

ironing out hurt-soaked crinkles

with a sun-kissed platter


Fragile human perfection

cannot match upto the source

I envision….

the lingering flaming colors

darting brilliant gold against the cobalt sky

shall remain my deep inspiration forever.


~Sujata Dash

Bhubaneshwar, India

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