The Oppressor

State-sponsored terror

Or be it jailing me forever,

There’s always you, oppressor, lying oppressor.


You have your army,

Your shenanigans, they hide completely.

I am just a whistle-blower,

Behind me, spreading fear, oppressor, lying oppressor.


In God, you do not believe,

Your morals…whatever! Let it be.

Can recommend for you Karma, she’s a bitch,

Someday your rule will end, oppressor, lying oppressor.


You cut through sheep,

Treacherous wolf, with a straight face.

Why should I confess, why should I face

Whatever I have not made?

Time’s a circle, every dog has its day.

Truth, my only weapon, I will surely stay this way.

Oppressor, lying oppressor,

Someday, surely you’ve gotta pay.


You will control the masses

Some afraid, some puny to engage.

But, my herd already knows,

Your time will come, oppressor, lying oppressor.


       ~Soubhik Chakrabarty

Kolkata, India 

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