Riding a Giant Monster

As I boarded the giant monster with wide wings,I offered a last prayer to my sweetest homeland,To keep me protected all the time, anywhere I go;And guide me throughout my journey,While I sail toward an unknown destination.While I waited inside, my little heart started beating unusually faster and harder;I knew it was a sign of excitement and anxiousness at the same time.I was getting emotionally drenched,Thinking of the long time I will be away from the homeland, relatives, and an old mother.Then, the engine of the monster roared louder and louder,And the voice of a woman is heard from nowhere, calling out for attention;Informing the passengers to be prepared for the flight and safety precautions.Suddenly, the monster roared louder once again,And ran with great speed to the South of its runway;I knew it was taking off.Even before I finished praying, I was already in the air.Initially, there were little bumps and shakes I could feel,Perhaps the clouds could be the devil behind it.To my relief, everything was stabilized after a while;And clouds were left hanging way below as if like a silken road.I could see nothing but the clouds,And hear nothing but the roaring of the engine.As the journey continued, snacks were served with varieties of drinks and meals to satisfy my taste buds,And of course to suffice hunger and quench thirst.There is no happiness equivalent to the happiness of my buds and the tummy when duly served.My head got heavier trying to balance the pressure,And eyes started drooping to fall asleep.In drowsiness, I heard the sound of an alarm;The man announced the nearing of our first destination,And informed about the preparation to land at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.I was delighted to hear this call,I will get adequate time to relax my aching body,Before I get back to the same routine in the subsequent flight.The journey in the air is thrilling and nerve-wracking;It is all in the trust of God and technology,That we travel at unfathomable height, length, and breadth, and day and night.I have nothing but the sincerest prayers for a safe and joyful ride,For now and ever to one and all.I am grateful to this giant monster for giving me the wings to fly,And travel toward the West in search of an undefined and indefinite future.
~Yeshi Nidup

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