Month: February 2023


Maybe I Should Go

Maybe I shouldn’t be there Maybe I shouldn’t go But maybe I should be there, And let my thoughts flow.                                                             […]


Rooftop Rendezvous

by Snigdha Agrawal Why does the romance sprinkler turn on only one day of the year?  Does it mean that romance doesn’t bloom for the remaining twelve months?  Methinks not. Romance has been in the air from time immemorial, changing directions.  That takes me back to the 50s/60s when romance meant playing […]


Life’s Fight

When I was small, I used to ask my mom, “What do you think; Will I make it through this world?” By then, I had faced a few mighty demons Who told me I would face more when I grew up? But my mom always said, “Demons die, sweetheart, as […]


The Cat Queen of the Suburbs

by Sunil Sharma The shock was great! Billo was a cat! “How could you manage this for long?” asked Rani. “What?” “That you are a cat?” Billo meowed. “How did you discover this?” “I followed you to the b-b-b-a-ack of the r-e-strooms and saw you ch-ch-change form!” Rani, when excited, […]


I Am What I Am

I can’t be that confident girl, who has a perfect face and skinny body, The girl who is the main character in every story. I can’t be that girl who acts like a model, She always carries makeup, mirror, and whatnot with her. I can’t be that sporty Kid Always […]


कुछ ख़ूबसूरत रिश्ते….

कुछ रिश्ते सबसे अपने होते है, ना मांगते है कुछ ना अहसान जताते है, बस दुआओं से झोली भर जाते है…. कुछ रिश्ते बहुत खरे होते है क्या दिया क्या लिया कोई नाप तोल नहीं, चाहे प्यार हो, नाराज़गी फिर भी हर हाल में निभाते हैं….. कुछ रिश्ते इतने ख़ामोश […]


The Eternally Damned

O poet! You are the eternally damned, Throughout your life, sailed through the seas of Woe, Her perils claim your tendons and bones, Creeper as if, tied to the anchor, beneath Her waves.                                   […]


Glimpses of Surreal Sight

I saw fragments of faces in my vision, Lachrymal lips and tattering teeth, Chiseled cheeks and empty eyes, Nefarious nose and horrifying hair.                                             I saw leprous legs ascending […]



I met a child who’s only a hand and a half She competes with her peers so well The child prodigy shines like a bright star In every endeavour she takes up daily Uniqueness certainly matters!                             […]


The Corona Warriors

Warriors are personalities, known for their might;whose first glance can make a person tremble in fright!                                                          They are big and stout, bold and […]