Month: February 2023


देखते है मुकद्दर कब तक हमें आजमाएगा….

कोई दुआ, कभी तो काबुल होगी कोई मन्नत का धागा  किसी रोज,  तू ही खुलवाएगा… देखते है मुकद्दर आखिर कब तक हमें आजमाएगा… मैं नदी, यूं इश्क़ डूबी सी जो राह रोक ली पत्थरों ने, सागर खुद ही मिलने कभी तो चला आएगा… मजील ढूंढ रही कदमों के निशा मेरे, […]


Who Am I?

Dark night with a lonely skyStars twinkle with blinking eyeSea tide raises in highAs wind blows Kite soars highSleepless night goes in vainWhen my heart aches in painNothing remains the sameYet, ‘I’ remains the sameWhen one thinks about the ‘I’Question raises ‘who am I?’             […]


Back to School

Back to heaven Even though not the Best place with best Memories.                                    Not the place which Made the good out Of me                       […]


Riding a Giant Monster

As I boarded the giant monster with wide wings,I offered a last prayer to my sweetest homeland,To keep me protected all the time, anywhere I go;And guide me throughout my journey,While I sail toward an unknown destination.While I waited inside, my little heart started beating unusually faster and harder;I knew […]


A Window with a View

Combine conventional educational practices with modern advances Make the right choice and voice to enhance the learners’ experience Digital infrastructure and content development for core competence Mix and match approach to craft helps improve the learning experience                           […]


To the Known

I swear by Universe that the Sun never rose nor set, Except that each breath of mine was infused with your love. I never spoke to friends alone; But in every gathering You were the subject of my sight. In happiness and sorrow I did not think of anything; But that which You […]


Role of Governor in Indian Polity

by Abhimanyu Joon India is designated as the ‘Union’ of States by its constitution, so the 28 States and 9 Union Territories are exclaimed to be ‘inseparable’ part of the nation. Moreover, the constitution is federal in nature with strong unitary features. The provisions of Central and State governments, and […]