My Only Ghostly Mommy

As a child
Young and wild
          On the first day of every autumn
         Holding the leaves that have fallen
    Reminiscing the memories of my mom so pleasant
              I never cared about the present
       What magic! the autumn leaves hide
Every time I held it, my mother became alive
        However, she was only visible to me
        So I called her my ghostly mommy
                                  Every year, that day, my ghost mom took me
On a Journey
                                Traveling across seas, across distant places
                Even in the weather so stormy
             But this couldn’t continue for long
             The unforgettable journeys with
             My ghost mommy couldn’t prolong
           At the age of eighteen
         I couldn’t be unseen
                             The regular journey with my ghost mother
Couldn’t be possible
                        But I could see her shining in the sky as a
Star looking impeccable
~Eshita Singh 
Patna, India

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