Keep the Faith

A journey of a little more

of half a decade!

I came in touch

with a person like you,

taught the essence of life,

the steps to follow

in comfort,

in crisis!


Days flew away,

the dews fell through the ether,

seasons passed imperceptibly

Spring, Summer, Rainy, Autumn and Winter –

The bond strengthened,

connected the souls:

Yet –

the crypt of despair appeared,

crippled the fragrance of hope!

Light appeared at the tunnel end,

paved the path

to reach the destination!


The time has ripened,

you bask in the glory of fame.

The new zone,

the new ambience

await with open arms!

A sense of void creeps,

challenges mount,

threats inflate

like the waves of ocean

lashing the shore!

O Sir –

Keep the Faith,

until next meet!!


 ~Kunal Roy

Kolkata, India

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