Is that Death?

Walking along a straight path,

I meet someone, unknown may be,

Everyday, different places, time not same,

Staring at me, no smile.

Penetrating deep into my heart;


First day, no attention,

Second day, a little bit,

Third day, ignored with a glitch,

Fourth, fifth, sixth… everyday…

Little fear in my heart,

Is that Death, waiting?


~Debdoot Mukherjee

Kolkata, India


  1. Dr. Tejaswini Deepak Patil Dange

    It’s a wonderful composition, Debdoot ji. Day by day, we’re moving towards it.

  2. Prof Shachi chakrabarty

    Really fantastic and wonderful poem . ❤️
    People start thinking about death slowly.
    But sometimes it’s sudden.