Inspirational Epics

The stories of Lord Rama and Sita
And the sons of King Dasaratha
And the three wives who quarreled
For the land, gold, and power
Inspire me to have human values!
Sincerity of Lord Krishna
And lovely stories of Radha and Meera
And arrogance of Satyabhama
For obtaining a caring husband
Enthuse me to love and be loved!
Bravery of Ravana, the king of Lanka
And his malicious ways to steal Sita
The powerful and wise Hanuman
Who honestly searched for Sita
Enthuse me to be strong and fearless!
The mighty Shiva, who adorned the moon
And swallowed the poison for the world
Gauri, who wholeheartedly loved him,
Expressed her feelings for their wedding
They inform me that love is universal…
I know not the ways to worship
I studied not the hymns to recite
I learned not the essence of devotion
I discussed not what spiritualism is
But I believe that worship is at work!
~Setaluri Padmavathi 

Hyderabad, India

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