I Heard So Many Things

I heard so many things;Some’re good and some weren’t.It’s mostly negative and seldom positive.                                        I heard so many things;It’s either criticism or cynicism.Every thought’s ill-thought.                                        I heard so many things;It’s a painful cry of darkness,And a hope of brightness.                                         I heard so many things;It’s all about problems and not solutions,As if the world is a treasure box of problems.                                        I heard so many things;It’s all about failures and nothing about success,Ignoring the blood and sweat of hardwork.                                        I heard so many things;They sing and dance on others misfortune,And cry at others little fortune.                                        I heard so many things;They’re less willing to give and share,But they’re open and ready to receive anything.                                        I heard so many things;Their social bonding is conditional,And nothing unconditional.                                        I heard so many things;Those sweet stories of romantic life,And bitter stories of tragedy in marriage.                                        I heard so many things;The impurities of relationships galore,Between friends, colleagues, and family.                                        I heard so many things;I heard so many things and I heard nothing;I heard so many things yet I remembered nothing.
~Yeshi Nidup

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