I Dream Of You

I dream of you, O eternal woman,

Your hairs swell and fall like the Niagra.

Your voluptuous hips, a sweet, delicate savoury of the night,

And your cheerful voice, calls me, as the morn sets in!


A thousand roses, a thousand bouquets,

Can never tame you, hold you back,

Our love, that of Adonis and Aphrodite,

Is better left painted in black!


Water-lillies,thousand-petalled lotus,

Can’t hold your tainted ‘love’ for me.

And it’s heresy to say that you loved me, for what is me.


Boundless creature of Night, I roam,

She envelopes me in her charm!

Lend me a soothing balm, when you come again, to make things how they were, at the beginning…of our ‘Eternity’.


~Soubhik Chakrabarty

Kolkata, India 

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