Homage to Pulwama Martyers

A day of sorrow, a day of pain,
A day that will forever remain,
In the hearts of Indians far and wide,
As the nation mourns its fallen pride.
The skies were dark, the winds did blow,
In Pulwama, a town of woe,
A convoy of soldiers made its way,
Little did they know, it was their last day.
A sudden blast, a burst of fire,
The peace was shattered, the country’s sire,
Young soldiers, brave and strong,
Lost their lives, in battle so long.
Their families left to grieve and cry,
For the heroes who said goodbye,
To this world, to their loved ones dear,
In the line of duty, year after year.
The nation stood as one that day,
In anger, pain, and disgust we pray,
For justice, for peace, for an end to strife,
And to honor the heroes who gave their life.
We’ll never forget their sacrifice,
Of those who in duty paid the price,
Their legacy will forever shine,
As a beacon of hope, love, and pride.
Their spirit lives on, in every heart,
A shining example, from the start,
Of courage, bravery, and unwavering might,
In the face of danger, day and night.
We’ll keep their memory alive,
With every flag we raise high,
And with every soldier who takes the stand,
Defending our nation, with courage so grand.
So let us come together, hand in hand,
And stand for our country, firm and grand,
With courage, unity, and unwavering might,
We will triumph over darkness and the night.
The heroes of Pulwama, will always be,
A symbol of courage, bravery, and dignity,
And we vow to keep their memory bright,
In the annals of history, with all our might.
~Anubhav Prakash
Bareilly, India

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  1. Marvellous