God’s Creation

We can see God’s creation is beautiful in

each and everything if we look around

When we look to the sky we can see sun,

moon, stars that are precious in our life

God made everything for us including wild

animals, birds, and fish in the sea,

God makes the clouds, the mountains,

ocean, rivers, forests, and gave us breeze

We can not count his blessings, love privilege

which all beyond our imagination

People live what they see in front of them but

never experience things He has given

God gives us instructions that we need

every day in our life but we forget His gift

God does not use force but He suggests a better

way through which life runs its course

If we feel weak and powerless, emptiness,

however, God finds the solution for everyone

God is always faithful, helpful, fruitful, but needs

to ask, because his grace will never end


~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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