The delight of having a boon companion like you,

Is like a wind laughing encountering silent stream,

For your warmth made me unfold emotions anew,

Like haustoria conveying feelings to soil in teem.


Your windshield laugh and constant talks,

Are as bright and lively as the flowers there,

For they had grown the seeds of our bond,

Like the water nurtures our milieu unaware.


Our friendship is like a bridge binding two islands,

Build by arches of loyalty, trust, support, and protection.

For you my friend is a fragrant blossom,

Who met the perfect ground.


~Mrinal Tripathi



  1. The quality of composition of words is excellent

  2. Excellent composition

  3. PK AGARWAL, President RWA, CG, Lko

    Simply breathtaking. That’s all I have to say. I could come up with something else, but no words would do it justice.

  4. Superb composision…keep it up Mrinal!!

    • The enthusiasm that can be seen in you which connects your bond with your friend and various attractive aspects of nature astonishes me. Absolutely gorgeous. Keep up the good work!

  5. Om Prakash Chaurasia

    Very good Mrinal,keep it up.My best wishes.