Beauty of the Daily Day

Deja Vu’s and flashbacks,

At times I wonder if they are the same.

I feel the heat on my back,

From the sun, untamed.

The gentle, faint smell of jasmine,

As I pull it near my nose.

The sweat which appears on my face,

As I wipe it, look at its glisten.

The tiny ants crawling on my wrist,

As they tickle me, making me smile,

Though my real smile is hidden away,

In the depths of my teal mask.

I look at the gentle swaying of leaves,

 As they greet me with their jolly dance.

I look at the blue flowers,

Which children say are cursed.

I look at the white flower,

Its name, longer than my nose.

I look at the endless clouds,

As they move to cover and uncover,

The hot bright sun.

The sky it self,

Glistens like a blue emerald.

I see this as I swing my legs,

On the dusty ledge,

And a nut falls on my head,

Like the apple on newton’s head

The birds sing in harmony

Singing the songs of the old and the world.

I look at the orange stem of the jasmine,

As the strong wind blows my sheets away,

Along with the fallen leaves,

The colour of the soil and sun.

A few kids running here and there,

Talking about how exams ain’t fair.

The tree barks,

Strong and steady,

Look at me with serious eyes.

I love nature,

Whom I know is the wisest of all.

I close my eyes and thank her,

From the place where I keep my beloved.


~Aadya Jha


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