Around Your Heart!

You came into my life like rain
But I’m drowning now.
I love you so much
I purposely delayed
Every step of our story.
To savour and cherish
To deep and sweet
Layers of your soul.
There’s always an idea in my mind
Tell me
Our story isn’t over
A new chapter is on the way
You didn’t forget
Your heart still cares.
You are in my mind
Every second of the day
And still come back at night
To pour more love into my dreams.
I want to gravitate
Around your heart
Just so I can
Every single piece of it.
If one day you wonder
I never stopped loving you
I just learned to do it in silence.
And if you have given a choice
I’d choose you
Again and again.
In all of my movies
You always have the first role.
~Monalisa Parida

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