A Window with a View

Combine conventional educational practices with modern advances

Make the right choice and voice to enhance the learners’ experience

Digital infrastructure and content development for core competence

Mix and match approach to craft helps improve the learning experience


The simple click of a mouse on a laptop is almost like a creative poetry

Recharge the mind with inner power to boost one’s emotional immunity

Humans have a considerable capacity to think the best as a consumer

Projects getting a green signal, making virus-proof teaching in the future


Creating exciting content for learners at different levels is a challenge indeed

Extensive online teaching will show results unlike a physical classroom breed

The learner can switch on and walk away in bunking classes on a digital platform

Lack of communication skill development is yet another significant problem


Digital education has to evolve and move on to cope with the times

It is time to get real with old techniques with new twists and turns

Content writing must resonate with the better multimedia presentation

Attribute success in life to moral, intellectual, and physical education


Learners’ positive thoughts should be an essential part of the entire planet

Impactful pedagogy fulfills the need for active citizens with deep insight

Sustained support for students realizing the value of education in society

The crucial digital disruption should lead to a polished sense of identity


Decoding all the answers in the very first appearance of assignment question papers

For a credible assessment, a robust alternate monitoring protocol must be in folders

Lack of quality assurance in online education to select a path learner wishes to choose

A window with a view is for self-improvement purposes and keeping an optimistic view


~B.H.S. Thimmappa


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