Wondrous Riot

I think about you all the time

your face, your words, your lips when it curves

a fire in me that is hard to douse

for you are the reason it flares

like a rain in a heavy storm

what is it about you that I am overwhelmed
to hold you, to touch you, to cuddle together in your warmth

I wonder what you are
I wonder what I am
I wonder what we have
I wonder what is ours
Together it feels so right

Miles apart yet feels so tight


The rush of joy I feel
enthused by your presence
like the waves curled up in a moonlit night
welled up in your chi

I surge and quiver high


You pull me with your potence
You push me to reach the sky
You inspire me with your intellect
You dig me with your calming mind
You nurture me with your patience

You fill me with the shining light

Fortunate I am of this momentous life
for you mi Amor, love me with all your might

A word is where it all belongs
A promise is where it all began
A commitment to cherish each other
A bond, known to break yet feels so strong.

I am not defined by you
I am beautiful only when I have you

I wear you for you are an honor
I breathe you for you are my skin
I relish you for you are my orgasm

I love you for you are my soeur

the most fortunate I am, O Mine!
as I deep dive in your glowing light

I can be many things
a guile, a charm, or in your words, a wondrous riot
Monsieur Mon désir

I am nothing without you by my side.


~ Raajeshwari Singh Raghuvanshi

New Delhi, India

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