We, the Pen and the Paper

Together, we unleash our imagination and let the world of creativity be unlocked.
We are readers, listeners, and writers
We let the ink spill to fulfill our cravings,
We let the words flow to stop the bees of our minds from buzzing,
We scribble what we never utter.
We are what our poems say,
We are what our characters depict,
We let people read our minds, live through our souls, and love our visions.
We do not judge you on your knowledge,
Everyone who holds us for the first time is a beginner,
We become ears to their thoughts and see them grow and master.
Decades have passed yet the brotherhood continues,
We, the Pen and the Paper, welcome everyone to join hands and start younger,
Years will pass but the love between us, the Pen and the Paper shall remain forever and forever…
~Mahi Thareja


  1. Wonderful Ideas… Amazing!!!!
    Our future poets and authors🎉🎉🎉
    Great… keep going bachha❤️❤️

  2. What a thought provoking poem!!! Great job 👏 ♥️