Vipers and Dictators, Traitors and Betrayers

Vipers and dictators, traitors and betrayers
All dispersed here and there to look for the prey.
Some feigning fake smiles, some ready with venomous fangs
Trying to catch hold of the sublime innocence.
A chirpy bird busy twittering with fellas
May be discussing the political turmoil in its household
Or chattering about the future ruins of her heart.
I see twinkling drops of rain falling from her orbs.
Alas! The hunt was over, the traitor found his prey.
In a large net, the bird was caught-helpless, gasping.
I could hear her call, screaming for help.
No one dared to move, her friends too vanished.
Where could they have hidden themselves! I failed to locate.
The chauvinist overpowered her pleas for freedom.
With a heavy heart, she succumbed to the haughtiness
In his tavern, the befuddled man celebrated.
Once again, he had brutally chained the innocence,
betrayed the trust and blinded the spark.
No longer, the Twitter I listened again near.
No longer the sunshine, in mourning it too died.
Alas! The betrayer enjoyed the sip of perfidy.
~Shah Bisma Manzoor
 Bijbehara, India

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