The Final Day!

The curtain has unfolded abruptly;

My journey as a civil servant has come to an end, immature.

I never dreamt this would happen so fast,

But miracles await us in life.

I had to take hard decisions in life,

Just to embark on a new journey.

I trusted my inner call,

Which is the sole reason why I made bold decisions.

As I walked into the office for the final day,

There was a surge of emotions, a mixture of joy and sadness.

For certain, I’ll never become a civil servant again.

Looking back to where I began, I have come a long way;

I served as a teacher, Vice Principal, and Education Monitoring Officer;

Each one taught me invaluable lessons and gave me rich experiences, too.

This will remain with me forever,

Which will guide and keep me upright all the time.

Today, as I exit from the system,

I walk out with my head held high and jam-packed with satisfaction,

For I’ve served with dedication and loyalty,

Towards my King, country, and people.

When I reflect back, I know for sure the journey was never easy;

I bumped through countless ups and downs, many twist and turns,

To reach the place where I last stood for the final day.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve created and gathered enough memories;

Both sweet and bitter, to weave into beautiful stories,

That I can proudly narrate to my children and grandchildren,

When I’m loaded with grey hairs and a wrinkled face.

Though it is the final day for me as a civil servant,

It is the beginning of a new journey with mountains of hopes and aspirations.

I solemnly wish and pray for another exciting voyage,

For self and others as I continue to march toward my unseen future.


~Yeshi Nidup


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