The Fat Teacher

There once was a teacher, so large and round

He waddled down the hallway, with nary a sound

His pupils all whispered and tittered with glee

For they knew that old Mr. Sharma couldn’t catch them, not he

He huffed and puffed, as he wrote on the board

His face red with exertion, his glasses fogged and flawed

But despite his size, he was wise and fair

He knew all the answers, and answered every prayer

So if you see the fat teacher, waddling down the hall

Don’t snicker or snicker, don’t make fun at all

For he’s a man of knowledge, and he’s kind and good

And he’ll set you straight if only you would

Listen and learn, and take to heart

All the lessons he teaches, right from the start

For he’s more than his size, and he’s more than his girth

He’s a man of wisdom, and he’s worth far more than his weight on this earth.


~Pratik Mainali

Kathmandu, Nepal

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