The Bird in Me

While turning pages

of a bird book with my son,

“Mommy which bird you are?”

asked his voice to his mum


Surprised by his question,

But then thought for a while

Is there a bird,

that matches my profile?


Am I a Peacock

who owns dreamy feathers

Proud of oneself

but unaware of others


Or am I a Crow

who flies in a straight line

Focused and determined

and unaffected by what people whine


Or am I that tiny sparrow

picking hay and straw

Building a nest for its family

wherever it goes


But I am sure I’m not a Cuckoo,

as I’m sensible and self-reliant

Neither I’m a Loon,

Making crazy sounds day and night


Maybe I am elegant and graceful,

just as a Swan

Or wise and wonderful,

like a night Owl


Thinking hard I found a bird

that is so close to me

Not from the world of nature

But fiction it might be


I am like a Phoenix

the bird of adventure

rising again from my ashes

symbolizing strength and victor


sorrows and failures

might be part of my journey

but courage and resilience

keep me going with harmony


~ Samriddhi Jain

Cleveland, USA

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