That Evening With My Friend

I gazed at the pleasant evening with no one by my side

I laid on the ground to doze for a while.

The cold splashes from river soaking my feet,

The silence which was ringing was like water weep.

I gently closed my eyes and whispered to myself

O’ dear friend! I will miss you till the end

With tears rolling down my check,

I smiled slightly and opened my eyes

To see my little friend sitting by my side

I knew it wasn’t real I knew it was a sight

 but I hugged him very tight.

I could see the image fading slowly into the evening

But slowly and leisurely it all went by.

The sunsets slowly waved a pleasant goodbye,

And the wind whistled calmly

At last, it was nighttime.

I gazed at the pleasant evening with my little friend by my side

Smiling at me with a glow in his eyes.


~Arnav Anand


One Comment

  1. Wonderful execution of feelings and emotions….