Journey of a Soul

Wherever she lookedIt was a darkened cave.With bared footShe walked inside.In search of some sunlightA voice unknown reached her ears,Which yelled: “You there! Stop, don’t go inside.”Scared by the voice, she stumbled on a rock.She slipped down into a DungeonInside it is like a darker cage.Water! Water! She uttered as she parchedThen came a large Serpent.To offer her the poisonAfraid she ran far from the dark dungeon,Plink! She heard the sounds of droplets from far.Plink! “Yes, it’s drops of water.”Plink! Where’s it? Where’s it?Hurriedly, she ran towardsPlink! a drop fell upon her head.Water! She exclaimed happily as she looked up.Her limitless smile turned downHer pinkish blush, transformed into blueThere stood a massive monster,With his watering mouthA giant, hungry monster, waiting for his foodSeeing the terrific sight, she faintedIn the middle of his food plate,Little girl, who tried hardWhen she woke up, she sawThe dark Dungeon transformedInto a vibrant hue,Fairies beside her were waking her up.She smiled at the light.Now her thirsty throatDrank the water of PARADISE.


~Rishika Marethia

Kolkata, India

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