India: Land of Ancient Glory

India, land of ancient glory,

Where culture and tradition tell a story,

A history rich and diverse,

A land that has always persevered.


From the Indus Valley to the Mohenjo-daro,

From the Vedic age to the Gupta era,

A land where science and art flourished,

And kings and emperors left their mark.


Through the Mughal rule and British reign,

India stood tall and bore the pain,

With leaders like Gandhi and Nehru,

Who fought for freedom and broke the shackles through.


Now a republic, strong and free,

A nation that’s proud and diverse to be,

With a bright future ahead,

India’s history fills us with pride and respect.


Let us honor those who came before,

And build a future that is worth fighting for,

India, our motherland,

We are proud of your history and stand.


~Aman Rajput

Gaya, India

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  1. You have written very well..when i was reading this poem i feel like goosebum..😀😀