In Your Servitude

This slavery, just like an eventuality

Extracts the blood and scorches my skin,

Like sacrifice to the ancient gods of lore,

Thus, in your servitude, for eons and more.


Your skin and your lofty breasts,

Still, haunt me and create madness!

Likened to Alakshmi, I’m stuck at my bone,

While you caress exotic lovers, hide them in your mane.


Evil oozes from your navel, burns my skin,

Like whores of sacred blood, you burn me from within.

However, I want to escape from this gore,

I find myself in your servitude, even more…


You gnaw away at my silver-white bones,

A gate to Madness, called upon, by you where.

I writhe to avoid the pain, every time,

But, in your servitude, I drown, goddess of my soul.


But, beware! This bloodthirst will drench you too,

A fierce stalemate only invites pain,

Blood, not milk, flows from your bosom

And I, bathed in your animalistic ways and torn.


In your servitude, I scream aloud in pain,

In your servitude, a stale body’s what I gain,

In your servitude, I have to walk my weary path,

In your servitude, with my back bent…


While in your servitude, someday I’ll break the sheath,

In your servitude, hold you aflame, under my feet.


~Soubhik Chakrabarty

Kolkata, India 

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