Hope for India of My Dreams

India is a country filled with hope and joy

Where everyone is equal, no one is separate

 Are not judged or divided by their caste or creed

Everyone is respected, so none feels the need

Where every man, woman, and child

Given the right to raise their voice, so they can be mild

Where diversity is celebrated and enjoyed

And love and peace prevail everywhere

By green technologies that are observed

  poor are supported to survive

people are tolerant, merciful, and dutiful

Where harmony and unity are the norms

And the people are proud of its forms

a country of pride, no matter their race

Where everyone is happy, no one derides

And it’s united and has a peaceful grace.

Development is at its peak

Every single people participate in each other’s festivities

The environment fills with greenery


~Sohini Sarkar

Kolkata, India

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