Fly High With All the Rights

Life is all we dream with feathers and colours….
Dream dream dream big and catch your heights….
You have right to make your life as rainbow colours…
You have right to make your life best ever ever……
You are alone to make decisions its your life…
We all need powers and strength to build our dreams….
It’s our life, it’s our life, no one should live…
Don’t give up, don’t get down dream dream dream
Love all, respect all with our own rights
It’s our life we have rights to fly high and high…
It’s our life, it’s our rights to catch our dreams….
~Sabana K.S
Ernakulam, India


  1. Ok..so this poem (if we can even call it a poem) looks like it was written by a schoolchild. The punctuation mistakes add another touch to the “poem”. I can’t believe that Indian Periodical even published this.

  2. A basic poem. Not sure how it got published here. The lines are so weird. A kindergartener can compose better.

  3. Nithya Leena Devassia

    I think this doesn’t qualify for a poem. A poet should understand that poems should come from their soul. This looks like a mediocre attempt at imagining things which are lacking in your own life.