Act of Love

Your heart deserves
To be
And loved unconditionally.
I hug the pillow
Next to me
Maybe kissed
By your soft skin
So, I can
Finally, wrap your love
Around my heart.
Sometimes hearts are scared
To love too much
When in reality
Regrets come
When you don’t love enough.
I look at you
Every time.
I stumble,
Lose balance,
Miss out,
Fall of,
Knees buckle,
Body shivers
But you always bring me
Back onto my feet.
I know
We don’t speak often
But I’m still here
When you need me.
If by any chance
You find yourself
Alone again
I will be here always.
The sound of you walking into my life,
Was the softest, sweetest act of love,
That my heart will forever remember.
~Monalisa Parida

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