A Mountain

O! Flowing river

What a blissful thou art!

Left the mountain with a stone heart!

 Words repeated:

“Adieu..Adieu..Dear stone!”


Crossing the hurdles

Fully submitted to the infinite ocean!

Haven’t you seen the awaited sky?

Due to eclipses

Clouds formed dark mountain

In your graceful flow

Wanted to bath the gazing sky!

Somewhere you are calm, quiet

Somewhere you jump from height

As if you want to behold

Feeling vibrations

Listening resonances….

Musical note with melodious cord!

When you come at the temples

You are adorned

You are worshipped

When you touch feet of deities

Life rejuvenates in silent idols

Disciples take dips

With a wish to wash hip of curses

Downcasts are in dilemma

Whether to bath with dirt or not?

Waiting to wash down their stigma!

No doubt about your chastity….purity

From ages…ages hence..

Your flow gives heavenly touch of lord Shiva!

Saints are chanting

Worshippers are singing…

You are busy amid serenity

But the mountain is still waiting

With a lot of lotus lips!

See the sky and reply:

Is it longing

For, belonging?

Never call a mountain as mountain

Departed river is still flowing in veins!


~ Dr.Vinod Parmar

    Odisha, India

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