The Collector of Beads

I told myself,That’s why I got interested, I said,I should collect something. I gave myself 5 options,Beads, Stamps, Books, Stationary, Cards                                     I chose beads,I said let’s try once,Who will tease?You’ll get stuck on it                                     If you try,You’ll have some difficulty at the starting,Your mind will fry.When I started collecting, many people said- “Why do you collect these? Isn’t it boring?”                                                                         The beads are of many different,Size, shape, color, and design.Some are like marbles,Others mushrooms.
                                                                          Some of the friendship, others heart.One of butterfly, another diamond.                                                                          Choose a box, collect some beads.Make different columns and collect different beads.                                                                         Who knows how interesting it is,
except me.Because I am the only oneWho is the collector of beads.
           ~Rumaisa Fatima 
         Aligarh, India

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