A Beautiful Forest

I have visited an extraordinary place,

which is full of vibrant colour, and grace,

I heard a soft sound, like wind through

the trees, but there was no wind inside

I walked in peace and was wandering, into

 the deep forest where silent deer walk

The tree which never had to fight for sun

air and light but stood out in the open plain

The birds were singing their songs and

the rustle of leaves underneath my step,

I turned to walk till the everything was in

darkness and I was feeling very alone

Those who walk inside the forest, it may be

 their last in this paradise due to  nature’s beauty

I saw the tigers, monkeys were dancing, from

 tree to tree, colourful birds singing loudly

I have forgotten waterfalls and rivers for its

pleasure  I didn’t like to escape from that place,

The rain always gives way to good weather,

I thank God for the bright morning light

I thank God for the lush green trees, for

 the morning dew and for the bird that sings


Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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