You and I

It was I who looked around the earth
Through You.
You inspired me
To paint the images with the sight of the beauty of the mind.
As we had been walking the road
You did halt,
All of a sudden
In the darkness of the night.
I walked forward
Alone and forlorn.
The burdens of all the moments,
Of happiness or woe,
The high tide and the low,
The darkness and the light,
The Sun and the Moon,
Passed by.
In their routine courses,
In the skies and on the earth.
On the two sides of the road,
The blooming flowers in their varied hues,
Walk by in silent step.
The butterflies, the dragonflies
The fireflies or the lonely night birds
All, remain silent,
The life passes by
In a thousand stream
Rush forth towards
This aweful fountain of life.
As it does also play,
The jingles of Death.
Yet, You and I
Remain silent in solitude
Embrace the invisible,
With the love of life.
~Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein 

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