My mother always wants me at

home in the everything though

it is difficult to leave her

If I don’t travel then my thoughts

 won’t be strengthened, because

travel teaches to resist

When I travel I could find myself

in a different way because a

new silence goes with you

Over the mountains of the moon

and the valley of the shadow

the night kindly falls.

There was no spark of light in town

 but I leave home and I look down

 to travel in moon light

Two roads diverged in a forest and

I could not travel both but I look

down and took long road

While singing song I had travelled

long and I crossed a motorbike

with a dog strapped to its seat

I had travelled where the golden

apples grow and sometimes I sat

on the town street to take rest

There are too many waterfalls here

and the crowded streams hurry

and rapidly down to the sea

The pressure of so many clouds on

the mountaintops but the clouds

continue to keep travelling,

It was on the road that I experience

what is the true freedom in

the journey of initial life


Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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