There Is a Cure out There

by Ajith KP

Sometimes, not sometimes, almost all nowadays, off-putting barbarian facts narrated and flashed, smears and pierce the flesh with intense pain and worry the commons who at least once hadn’t felt little sense of hesitation to press the ‘ON’ button of the TV remote may be sparse. Some with contorted brows and bulged eyes; some with the index finger shut mouth; some with both hands on the head: some with nil expressions as they were not aware of where they are: ‘Son who killed mother in Thrissur was addicted to drugs’ headline of a daily in God’s own country, videos of a teenage Kerala boy hitting and kicking his mother for not giving money ‘to buy drugs’  went viral on social media, Kerala parents murder 25-year old son, tires of his violence under the influence of drugs popped out in black and white; Drug deaths in Punjab have soared in 2018, Residents and shoppers in Nampally, Hyderabad are vexed with the nuisance created by drug addicts, reveals the fact that the drug abuse scenarios prevailed in other states too. Drugs are the villain who carves out the nectar of life and fills it with the venom of hatred and death.  It comes in hand in a variety of various forms, different shapes, malleable designs, and volatile states. Drugs are invented, blended, and meant to cure the diseases of patients, but here society is suffering from a reverse effect, drugs are creating patients, psychologically unbalanced patients, and disordered patients. Drugs mold the character from good to bad; godly to devilry; gentle to cruel; take you from heaven to hell. Drugs exist in solid, liquid, and gaseous states same as the three states of matter exist.

Drug Addiction: This addiction is characterized as a convoluted neurobiological disorder affecting the human brain, behaviour, and character to the extent that it is irreversible back to normal. Drug addiction is an abnormal state from which it becomes the most challenging activity to give up the petition to use drugs, not only illegal drugs but also advocated medication drugs and other legal drugs like alcohol, nicotine, etc., (strongly restricted to use in open and public areas). Drug addiction commonly commences with experimental or just for fun, for the time being, entertained, whilst social functions or occasions and unfortunately for some, it turns into a habit of using drugs frequently. The efforts to end the use of drugs lead to a temptation of incessant urge and abnormal longing which arises in a feeling of feebleness and sicker. This transformation of the brain may have a long span of life and is named withdrawal symptoms.  Keep this in mind! Those who are, being in years of the recovery process are prone to slip back to drug use and this case is called drug relapse.

Human minds depend on the person. Different people have different mindsets. A few votes in favour of love to use drugs and a lot of votes against it. Some hate it from the first take.

Various factors pony up to the addiction to drugs.

·        Genetics

·        Environmental

§  Abuse of drugs among friends

§  Devoid of social backing

§  Disturbed relationships

§  Stressful life

§  Weak socioeconomic status


·        Psychological

§  Mental disorder

§  Sexual or physical abuse

§  Avoidance by parents and friends

§  Domestic violence

§  Hectic Academic pressure

§  Traumatic incidents.

Possible symptoms after using drugs:

§  Trouble at school or workplace

§  Health issues

§  Neglected public appearance

§  behavioural alternations

§  Monetary issues

Observed signs of drug use:

§  Feeling high

§  A high-level sense of perception

§  High Blood pressure

§  Red eyes

§  Dry throat

§  Concentration problem

§  Lack of remembrance

§  Delay in reaction

§  Anxiety

§  Yellow fingertips

§  Lagged performances

§  Frequent lung infections

These are described and elaborated in many publications, available at ease from public libraries and on internet browsers. Not necessary to rewrite it here, but typed for a flow, indeed,  not to turn out boring, repetitive, or tedious sensations. It got penned down automatically, certainly as in by virtue.

Drug addiction or Drug abuse can be an excruciating affair for the person affected as well as the family members, friends and the others socially mingled with, standing in dismay feeling helpless to sort out in facing the disease. But there are things to do to help someone with drug problems. Time says research history has revealed the fact through solving cases of drug addiction entirely.  You may find many who overcame the ugly and disheartening phases, living in a healthy present forgetting and leaving behind the filthy past,  your surroundings, and nearby. Most of them hesitate to look back on the resentful past.

The Law enforcement and intelligence agency of India encounter drug trafficking and drug abuse Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (1985) was enacted and implemented in 1986 and fight its violation through the Prevention of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (1988).

The world of good folks watched and heard the wretched folly deeds and the fowl non-fictional stories; they recognized the absurd, ill effects of using drugs ecstasy, fun, pain, aggression, and all else. They commenced to raise their enchanting voices against the usage of drugs, the voices echoed, reverberated, and whooshed past the mountains, rivers, valleys, meadows, forests, graveyards, villages, cities-metropolitans and non; stayed a while in a hush, smoky aisles; paused a little behind the shut doors of silent shabby rooms; warning, yelling, and begging finally cries. Plans on preventing usage of drugs inclusive of Teaching on prevention of drug usage, generating awareness, Recognizing, and identifying drug dependent persons, proper counselling of drug dependents, Facilitate treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependent persons. The combined efforts of government, NGOs, and some social organizations committed to the training and capability-building professionals providing services to prevent drug addiction are deemed to be active in every corner of the world despite consideration of drug menace-affected or non-affected areas. More research confirms the benefits of prevention programs set about from schools to colleges, higher education institutions to local communities devoid of caste, culture, religion, then to social media to elevated levelled arenas and research continues to search and find to innovate new methods to eradicate drug addiction. Prevention plans to propagate and varying levels from high to low; right to left; ground level to sky level; metropolis to rural; big to small; parents and teachers combined school-based prevention programs, community-based prevention programs, and medical-based prevention programs likewise list prolong. ‘Nip in the bud’s system should be adopted in schools as some things cannot be explained in a rush.

But, thence the collective efforts, the effective result obtained was below the minimum. Why? The bugling is at a high pitch, if unheard or turned a deaf ear will tend to end in correction cells for correction of errors. More proactive and recreative measures and methods are to be adapted to reach the unheard hordes. It is our responsibility, and we are obliged to join hands with the social think tanks to sweep away the maltreatment spurted out by drug usage wholly from society and culture. There is a cure out there, it’s only a matter of time.
About the Author:
Ajith KP is an Ex-Serviceman, an Indian Air force veteran with active service of 20 years all over India. After retirement, he worked at Cochin Airport as Assistant Manager, Airport Operations under Immanuel Aviation Ltd on a contract basis, and also worked as an Administrator cum faculty in Aviation Institutions.  He wants to be a specialized Aviation Trainer. At present, working as part-time Aviation trainer online and offline. Reading is his main hobby and he likes to write about Aviation matters. 

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