The Vicious Cycle of “I’m not enough”

by Raisa Anan Mustakin

Have you ever felt like you are not doing enough? Have you ever felt like, no matter how much work you do or hard you study, it is never enough? Well, I have felt like that – and I still feel like that. No doubt I would have loved to share a magical method to stop feeling like this but the bitter truth is there is no magical formula. 

I know people who became depressed because they never felt enough. On the other hand, I also know people who became more productive because they never felt enough. I am sure if you think about the people you personally know, you’ll too find a mix of such folks. And if you are inquisitive like me, you probably wonder why that is the case.

I don’t know why that is the case, but I do know I fall somewhere in between. Though I am, at times, deeply saddened, I also become more active whenever I feel as though I’m not being enough. It is a mystery to me, this way that I function. You might also fall somewhere in between like me, or maybe you fall on the extremities of this spectrum.

Also, I do know that, for myself, this feeling of never feeling enough never ceases. It is always there in one way or another. Sometimes, when I do something of value or become the receiver of some praise, I can almost believe this vicious cycle stops. It ceases for a moment. But the moment the joy wears off and the praise gets old, the cycle kickstarts again with full speed.

If you feel like this, I suggest you take a break and reflect on everything that you’ve done in the past that has made you proud of yourself. Though it might not be of much relief, I have found that the power of reflection can be effective in at least brightening up my mood and giving me a positive outlook whenever the vicious cycle of “I’m not enough” strikes. 


About the Author:

Raisa Anan Mustakin is a native of Bangladesh, who is currently studying abroad. Her areas of interest cover intercultural communication, global politics, human rights, and personal development. Her articles and poetry have been published in international spheres such as UNICEF’s Voices of Youth and Oxford University Poetry Society Ash magazine.

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