The Century of Advancements

Looking at that old daily
Reading those red headlines lately
I came across ‘The 21st Century’
Thoughts rang my mind eventually
Those days when people used to study under lamps
To lights even in forest tent camps
From dreaming of enjoying the trip to the moon
To Mars which is there to reach out soon
From the rule of Britishers
To being independent and paying off for ancestors
From searching for maids
To robots who let all the hard work fade
From barely a doctor in a city
To many hospitals with the corridors busy
From using ink and a feather
To countless pens and pencils as rescue shelters
To illiterate and unskilled youth
To the youth being Just to Truth
From taking care if only family
To taking care of country’s millions of families
All seemed to appear in a flash of a second
But it was the result of the hard work at the end
Living in the 21st century seemed easy but is tough
Amidst the happiness, carelessness can still make your life rough
Hence this century, boys and girls
Let’s turn our promise to work from words
As we age more
Let’s dream of a better future until we reach the shore.

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  1. I liked it the most