Song Birds

Two birds discussed distances,

One looked into the sky,

The other looked into the water,

The sky looked into the birds eye,

And displayed its aura, and at every

blink, its majesty revolved describing its vastness,


The vastness was too much to fathom, therefore

a blink, a few blinks made the vastness absorbable,

Yet, the one who gazed into the waters, admired,

not just the depth of the river, but also the calmness,

and the height of the moon, and the lasting stillness

of the water beneath, the more it pondered,

the more the darkness of the water was revealed,

the moon was bright only when the water was dark,

and the brightness was more, when the depth was more,


Then they sat and discussed their perspectives,

no one lost in the discussion, all that was necessary

was two birds discussing what they perceived,


What these birds have learnt, Man is yet to encounter,

The futility of modern man is that he says he knows,

even when he doesn’t, and says he realises the truth,

without shedding even a tear either into the ocean or into the sky.


~Sunil Maria Benedict

Bangalore, India

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  1. Very Well Written! Hope see many more poems.