Reverse Universe Part 1

by Revanth Reddy

Concept (meeting the other planet people)

Sense 1: indoor spaceship

Five people travel on a spaceship to find another planet, it is full of darkness. nothing appears

Sense 2: indoor research centre

One (John) of them thinking about how it was started. They started this journey to find the future of our planet.

Sense 3: Outdoor spaceship testing

Another person (Johnson) thinking about their family. His was wife dead while testing space ship

Sense 4: inside the space ship

Another person (Julee) operating the spaceship. She had a doubt about the direction of moving.

Scene 5: At the old things research centre

Another person (Ben) thinking about the items found. While researching. They found a spaceman-shaped rock and some gadgets, which weren’t invented till now

Scene 6: Inside the spaceship, while the speed has risen automatically

Another person (maya)  has been observing the speed of space ship. The ship was moving with a lot of speed. She asked Julee if she has accelerated it. Then Julee said no, she too had a doubt about the moving direction.

Scene 7: they are fearing of the speed and direction

Maya asked Johnson why this is moving in another direction. Johnson was also fearful and was checking the same. OMG something was attracting us, I think it was Blackhole

Scene 8: inside space and outside

Julee saying that we have to change direction. They were all working on that. They have changed the direction of the spaceship. And discussing the black hole.

Scene 9: seeing another planet in the scope

Ben was observing another planet and thinking about the old things found on earth.

Scene 10: on the earth

Ben called them all and showed the things appearing at the scope.  After that Maya told to Jhon,’ did you remember while we were researching old things’. John said ‘yes’. They lived before us and after them, we have started living. Johnson said that we came here to find that mystery.

Scene 11: they see another galaxy

Maya saw a galaxy and she is observing that she found some mystery in the movement of the planets. She told them and Johnson saw the moment and speed of the planets, they were rotating very slowly and going down a direction.

Scene 12:  they were attacked by an unknown spaceship

All are fearing. John said, ‘we have to escape from this and all started working towards escaping’. That was very huge ship attacking them.

Scene 13: Outside spaceship

While attacking, another spaceship came and protected them. All were seeing that and thinking what was that

Scene 14: war

Another 4 space ships attacked the enemy’s spaceship. Maya asked them in their language, ‘who are you’ and they replied. They are attacking us and you came here. Don’t worry, come with us, we will help you.

Scene 15: they are discussing whether to go with them or not

Julee asks them who are they. they said that they are from a planet called Ember and Johnson, Julee, maya, ben, and john all are discussing whether to follow them or not. Johnson said anyway they have saved us and we are here to research we have to go with them. Then all agreed with Johnson and started following them

Scene 16: went to their space city

Maya is shocked that the creatures all are in the same situation. Their captain said that they have built this 150 years ago to research planets for living there. And Julee asked the captain where is your planet was. he showed them their planet on their computer. And he is saying that their planet was destroyed by aliens.

Scene 17: that captain showing how they destroyed

The aliens targeted them when they were found in space. (They also researched other planets).  The aliens sent some animals that were huge and very big they started destroying and we started killing them and while we are fighting with that animals’ aliens attacked us. Then we escaped from there and we started building this because everything was destroyed on our planet.

Scene 18:  time machine

Julee observed their city and she found some kind of machine Julee called Ben and showed that. Ben replayed that the machine was seen somewhere else. They thought about that then Maya came there and said that we have found this in our old things there were found earlier. Asked their captain if that was time machine. And that captain was shocked. How would you know this? Then Maya said we have found this type of  machine on our planet. Then the captain said that we have invented this before we came here. After the war we got with us and we went back and we tried to change but it’s not possible.

Scene 19: the time travelling

Johnson asked their captain can we use this. But the captain said that you can’t change anything that happened in the past. Then john replied we can’t change but we have to know the past of our planet. All agreed with john and they started a time machine and went to our planet. Before humans weren’t born.

Scene 20: They went so many years back and they have landed

They landed there and started reaching. They saw some dragons. The dragons got old and they were dying slowly, they continued researching they were going to different places and researching. while going some people appeared to them.

Scene 21: Meeting the 1st people on earth

They went to them and started talking. Maya asked them how they came to this planet then they replayed that they are from another universe similar to earth. Their planet has been destroyed and they are searching for another planet to live on. After we came, we found that the dragons destroyed your planet. The dragons are the creature of aliens. The aliens were the most advanced they can go to any planet in the universe.

Scene 22: The aliens

Julee asked them why aliens destroyed all this. They replayed that the aliens are from another universe. They came here while travelling they found the earth and they found the most advanced creatures on this planet. Then they thought that they want to occupy this but it’s not happened your people started killing them and they thought that direct war is difficult. Then they invented dragons and they went back.

Scene 23: the elders

Ben asked them but we found a time machine in our present time. Then they replayed your elders are most advanced and they travelled in space I think they invented that.

Scene 24: the advanced elders

Ben asked them how would you know this. Then they replayed while we travelled, we got some signals from earth and while we came near, we found some alien pictures that were drawn on earth.

Scene 25: The destroy

On another planet, people were destroying some areas because of aliens. They said that in the part of destroying we have melted ice with some chemicals we bought because the aliens will return after some time that’s why we destroyed it. Then they will not able to find this planet for a long time. Anyway they will come here after some centuries.

Scene 26: the time difference

Maya asked them how the aliens live for centuries. they replied that centuries for them is a day, they thought that they will come here after a year.


About the Author:

Revanth Reddy manages a small elevator firm. He enjoys and feel passionate about narrating and writing novels.

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