Rain in the Backyard

Drop by drop, every drop drops down

Descending from heaven, in the town

They dance on a thin silvery thread

Like tiny silver beads all over, they spread!


The parched land quenches its thirst

Latent seeds are given priority at first

The foggy sky unveils the dark gate

The raindrops gently fall in a state!


The chilly breeze shakes the huge trees

The colorful leaves fill the ground, see

The grassy carpet shines with dew drops

The downpour is seen on the treetops!


Pitter-patter raindrops create a melodic sound

The voice of the rain attracts all who bound

They do compose tunes in a flowing river

Listeners mesmerize by the way they quiver!


Children carry colorful umbrellas to school

Rainy day keeps their mind so fresh and cool

The workforce strives to reach the workspace

But, overall, it brings immense elation!


~Setaluri Padmavathi

Hyderabad, India

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