Night Sky

“Dear Elaine,” she writes on this postcard. “Sunday night. I’m in bed. And through the curtains. I see her. Venus. Bright in the sky. Like a headlight on high beam. Venus. This planet. Just seeing her made me happy. It did. No kidding. And then, and then. Last night. In bed. Again. Through the curtains. I see. She’s gone. Venus. Vanished. Instead. There’s a full moon. Huge. It was. So big it made me wonder. Is this one of those famous moons? You know. Blue Moon. Blood Moon. One of those. Again. Just seeing it there. In the night sky. It made me happy. (Geez. Am I easy to please, or what?) Of course. The big news this week isn’t Venus or Blood Moons. No. It’s a hurricane. The one rolling off the coast of Africa. The one that’s coming our way. Or so they say. How crazy is that? I mean. It’s November. It’s cold outside. Weird, weird. I know. But even so. Tonight. This night. It’s not about planets or hurricanes. No. Tonight. It’s about Holly. My Yorkie. I promised her. This. That I’d search the web. For dental treats. To clean her teeth. You know. At Petco, PetSmart, Marshall’s. Somewhere like that. Hey. Anything for Holly. My sweet doggo. But still, but still. In bed. Through the curtains. That sky. What will I see? Tonight. I wonder, wonder. What?”

~Laura Stamps

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

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  1. I wonder!