I am Alive.

As Alive as this

Virtual World.


It is difficult to sleep

With blood bitten lips

Dry weeping eyes

Salt crusted throat

Tears you couldn’t shed

Because moisture is dead.


It’s all optics and fibres

Jagged nerves

Unblinking cyber.


Dreams so deep fake

They assault you awake.

What is real

Is up for debate.


A closing of eyes

A prying of lids

A turning of knobs

To open locked doors.


The knob comes off in your hand

Like an obsolete wand.


The door shut tight

Then you know,

Nothing feels right.


This must be a dream

Yeah so you scream!

But only, you’re alive

Inside this dream

You’re only alive

When it live streams.


That are eyes within eyes

Chileads of lies

Myriads of them

Lidless no  shame


Embedded spies

Codes walk through our lines

Sentience monitored

 By sentient monitors

Rapidfire evals, crazy association

Algorithm Abra ca dabra

In crazy cyber neural corridors


We make

Chilling estimations of


Based on pure extraneous



We are

Running in and out

Of blind alleys

Choked endblocked


Refusing to walk away.

We pay to have garbage

Dumped illegally daily

On our sites.


To see is to believe.

But when the call comes

The receiver dangles


You’re the cord

Umbilically afflicted

All tangled up

In webbed matrices

Deception’s Deja vu

Deep embedded

Cybernetics in our

Chipper flesh.


We have been there before.

And before long

We will

Be there again.


Beautiful video game

Life as gameplay

Or something similar.


~Amrita Valan


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