Footballers of the World-1: FIFA World Cup 2022

by  Deepanshu Srivastava

 It is an excellent opportunity to watch in action the world-class footballers and their soccer skills through the ongoing FIFA (Federation Internationale De Football Association) World Cup.   FIFA is held every after 4 years. Its inaugural edition was held way back in 1930. Its format is composed of the qualification phase to determine the main stage of the tournament participated by 32 nations ( round of 64). Since 1930, Brazil has won the tournament for a maximum of 8 times. FIFA 2022 is currently being held in Qatar, UAE from November 20, and the final clash will be held on December 18. All 32 participating nations are divided into 8 groups, Group A to Group H. Readers, in this series, we will bring the highlights of the matches being played in Qatar.
( 1) Match No 1
The inaugural match was played between host Qatar and Ecuador (Ecuador is a tiny country in South America, Spanish being its official language). In this match Ecuador came out victorious , defeating Qatar by 2-0). It was only the second match of Qatar in the World Cup.
(2) Match No 2
It was played between England and Iran. England comfortably won the match by a margin of 6-2.
(3) Match No 3
Senegal and Holland clashed in this match ( Senegal is a West African nation that has the distinction of defeating a great name in football, France in the 2006 edition of the WC). This match was won by Holland 2-0
(4) Match No 4
It was played between the USA and New South Wales ( NSW came into existence in 2021 after the famous  Brexit). The match was tied with a score of 1-1. NSW held team  US, a veteran, playing skillfully.
(5) Match No 5
Saudi Arabia and mighty Argentina locked horns in the match, in which SA  stunned the soccer-loving audience by defeating Argentina by 2-1 despite the presence of one of the great footballers of the century, Messi.
(6) Match No 6
Played between Denmark and Tunisia, a country in North Africa,  it went goalless from either side  with a score of 0-0
(7) Match No 7
Mexico City and Polland played this match another match which went goalless.
(8) Match No 8
The two teams, France and Australia, both known to be world-class teams displayed excellent skills in the game in which France thrashed Australia by 4-1.
(9) Match No 9
Played between Morocco and Croatia ( located at the crossroad of Central and SE  Europe), both lesser known in the game, also went 0-0.
(10 )Match No 10
 One of the greats in  World Soccer, Germany clashed with Japan, and it was surprisingly won by Japan by 2-1, although Germany was leading by 1-0 till 75 the minute of the game. Japan came back into the game strongly and managed two goals in the last phase of the game.
(11) Match No 11
Spain and Costa Rica, a country of Central America, was dominated by mighty Spain and the one-sided game was won by it by 7-0.
(12) Match No 12
Canada and Belgium played this encounter and it was won by Belgium, a contender in this year’s Cup, by 1-0
(13) Match No 13
Switzerland and Cameroon, a country in Central Africa,  played the match and it was won by Switzerland by 1-0.
(14) Match No 14
 The match between
 Uruguay and South Korea went goalless, although Uruguay was the favorite of soccer lovers of the game.
(15) Match No 15
 Portugal and Ghana played the match in which
Portugal defeated Ghana by 3-2. Ronaldo from Portugal, a household name in the world of football, scored one goal.
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Deepanshu Srivastava, a proven Sports writer, news enthusiast, and storyteller is from Pune.

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