Every Moment Matters in Life

by Tarun Bandarupalle

In life, every moment matters, be it good or bad, as it allows you to learn something new, which helps you improve as a person. A moment is nothing but an incident happening in your life. The impact and value of a moment are immense in everyone’s life. If you want to know its impact and value, the key is to live in that moment, as moments are temporary. Every day and night, moments come and go in life. If you fail to feel that moment, then you are the one to suffer, as you never know what a moment can do in your life. There will be some key moments in life that are key turning points in life.
Reasons why every moment matters :
It helps you develop new perspectives on life. Good moments boost your confidence, which helps you go further in your professional and personal life. Bad moments teach you valuable lessons in life, which change your persona, nature, and thought process. It teaches the value of emotions, which is necessary to survive, and helps in growing connections. Life is unpredictable as we never know what is in store for us. That is why you live every moment rather than feel regret when you realise the true value of that moment. It shows the real self of a person, which helps you in making the correct decisions in life. Moments are nothing but memories, which give you a reason to live or die.
What happens if you fail to feel that moment?
If you fail to feel a moment, then you are missing a lot. To explain it easily, let us look at the below example:
During my first year of college, there was a day when an examination and a dance competition were held at the same time. Exams’ dates and timing differed from branch to branch, but the competition was open to all. I took part in that competition to feel that moment, as it was a new experience for me. At the same time, I appeared for the examination, for which I missed the announcement of the results of the debate competition. Once I finished my exam, I went downstairs to find out the results. I won second prize in that competition, but the feeling was different. Imagine the feeling of taking a prize in front of a large audience on that day. It is way different than receiving the trophy behind closed doors. On that day, I realised the value of moments and how important it is to live in and feel that moment. Since that day, I’ve always prioritised things so that I don’t miss that rare moment.
If you fail to feel and live that moment, you might miss the thrill, fun, and experience that is impossible to feel once the moment passes. It is always about the decisions you make, which help in feeling the moment at the right time. Never crib or cry when others share their feelings. They feel and live in that moment. You never know how life unfolds once you feel the moment at that point in time. One day or the other, everyone has to leave the planet. That is why the elderly say to feel every moment, share those moments with close ones, and be part of other moments as well. For me, writing this piece of content is a moment, as I never know whether I can write next time or not. That is the beauty of the moment.
To sum up, moments are similar to snakes and ladders games, where ups and downs are part of it. Do not feel disheartened, disappointed, or make hasty decisions when you experience a bad moment. Never become overconfident, over-celebrate, or show pride when you experience good moments as every moment passes. It is important for everyone to feel every moment, which ensures happiness and success in life undoubtedly.

About the Author: 

Tarun Bandarupalle from Hyderabad is a passionate writer and music lover. A blogger who constantly helps in creating awareness among the public regarding various topics. A die-hard fan of MSD who loves to meet him one day. An aspiring writer who loves to learn day in and day out for constant growth. Friends and Family are two diamonds in his life. Believe in the concept of “Be the change rather than preaching others about the change in society.”


  1. Padmavathi Setaluri

    It’s a methodically written article and as you say, every moment is valuable and beneficial. I loved the way you depicted it. Nice.