Didn’t Expect from You

by Ajith KP

The applause dimmed! The joyous countenances doomed! The vigor of the combination redeemed! The emojis of dismay sparked in the faces of the fans of the team of the invincible hero, who stirred the net of the opponent with the ‘hand of God’ goal, none other than the nickname holder of “El Pibe de Oro” (“The Golden Boy”), Diego Maradona, the famous Argentinean football player. The integers of spectaculars ranged huge due to the presence of another crackerjack player from Argentina, Lionel Messi, with his mesmerizing agility on the field. The possession of the ball was on the legs of the team Argentina, in the initial part of the soccer game along with the rash approach of Saudi Arabian participants hailed a wee favor to Argentina. By and by the mask of grief expressions of fallen Argentinian players (true or apparent) added on throughout the first half which felt like feebleness struck them gravely. Stamina rejoined  Messi’s team after he scored the first goal through a penalty kick awarded by the referee followed by the video concurrence confirmation that turned positive for Argentina from the foul play of a Saudi player pushing down the Argentinian player inside the penalty box. The crowd roared both in the sense of delight and dejection and the roars echoed in the attic for a while.  The strategic approach of the Arabian stoppers infantilized the Argentinean striker’s endeavor in scoring further goals. The strives of the Argentinean strikers were turned down by posing offside by the line judge frequently.   There was an air of whispers fueled by the fans the first goal is a trailer and the entire show follows with the rain of goals in the second half. The Argentinian fans comforted and cheered themselves for a wondrous second half of their favorites.The scene U-turned into the minutes of the second half by the emanating Saudi Arabian knights galloped and took over the field from Messi’s. The goal net of Argentina stirred twice, the first from the head of Saleh Al-Shehri in the 48th   minute, and then came the winning shot from the boot of   Salem Al-Dawsari in the second half. The stadium is reverberated by the plaudits of greens, only the greens, the fans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Among the crowds, one of the lenses focused on the crying middle-aged Arab with joy in his traditional attire, a reflex of true patriotism. The rest of the audience with the emotion resembled the essence of the first line scribbled on the top, popped out in the stadium. But then the applause prevailed throughout.  The team Argentina fought with might but failed to convert into victory as the Arabian players thwarted the attempts with timely interferences.   The part of viewers who envisaged a first-rate, enticing event, were traumatized by the wobbly performance of Messi’s team with a FIFA ranking of 3. Wait and see, the rank number at which Argentina reaches. If closely observed one can easily find the same expression on all faces “Didn’t expect from you this much’’, leaving the stadium.

About the Author:

Ajith KP is an Ex-Serviceman, an Indian Air force veteran with active service of 20 years all over India. After retirement, he worked at Cochin Airport as Assistant Manager, Airport Operations under Immanuel Aviation Ltd on a contract basis, and also worked as an Administrator cum faculty in Aviation Institutions.  He wants to be a specialized Aviation Trainer. At present, working as part-time Aviation trainer online and offline. Reading is his main hobby and he likes to write about Aviation matters. 

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