A crux to start a healthy lifeA feel to feel that you’re aliveAn idea to think you move onWith every discovery on earthThe blue planet like a marbleFilled with large oceans and seasAnd an area to shield you till the end!                                       It’s a moment of living and lovingIt’s the time to mingle with beingsAnd pace to explore every placeThat’s filled with wild, friends and foesBreath is the cause to go onA crux to start your fascinating lifeAnd a feel to feel that you’re alive!                                       The second you inhale and exhaleThe period you start loving your life,Life that is filled with pain and gainAnd the life that helps you journeyWhich is a crux to think you’re activeA feel to feel that you’re aliveBreath is the reason to survive!


~Setaluri Padmavathi

Hyderabad, India

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