Bitter Truth

The truth is bitter;No one loves to wither.For all, the path is defined,And destiny is confined.                                        The visions are grand,To forever dwell in the serene land.Not all choices are granted,And not every choice is wanted.                                        The hopes are elevated,But they are often frustrated.Nothing is gonna be easy,When the roads traveled are hazy.                                        Keep the expectations low,And allow the course of life to flow.There is always a surpriseThat awaits at the end to appraise.                                        It is hard to believeWhen everything is learned to deceive.Yet, I must not shy away from this existence;There is so much I can accomplish through persistence.                                        There is hardly anyone to trust you,Especially when you are failing to sail through.No one will recognize your hardships,Unless there is a privilege in a friendship.                                        I must learn to accept the truthEven if the truth is crude and rude.I shall travel the path definedAnd shine on the destiny confined.                                                           ~Yeshi Nidup

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