Bitter Truth for a Better Tomorrow

Development is daily work for everyone and face hurdles with a pinch of salt

Give due importance to segregate the chaff from the wheat with the right intent

Tame and train the mind to abide by the provisions of the model code of conduct

Don’t let the cell phone affect your mental strength and long-term goals reconstruct


Blame game gymnastics that exist in the minds of many low-class politicos

Transform the well-oiled existing system to achieve significant breakthroughs

People want to enjoy eating jackfruit without touching the sticky resin with hands

Clear the haze in your mind by making mistakes as a platform to view new horizons


Tracing the trajectory of life and nurturing talent to serve the nation

All are under the influence of parties and political party locomotion

Rethink and reinvent political language in the current context beneath

A new breed of leaders with a clean image to boost the financial health


Thinking in the right direction is a nutrient for the soul to create a spark

Microscopic perspectives and micro-plan matter in quality benchmarks

Laziness and escapism affect professional life, jaundiced at its core now

Build bridges with nature to conserve biodiversity nation ought to know


A journey from the state of sleep to wakefulness in an interconnected world

Recall that an elephant can dance, and look at a flying car with wings unfurled

Realize that the constant efforts today are shaping the sweet fruits of tomorrow

Move ahead with the courage to convert every crisis into opportunities galore


Upload the current distorted reality mentally to foster an awareness mechanism to astound

Think ahead to elect a candidate of style with substance and with the bona fide background

Social transformations, moral perspectives, and good ethics in practice as essential processes

The right mindset, balanced thinking, decisions, and high-energy activities to make progress


~B.H.S. Thimmappa

Uddupi, India

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